MSG91 WooCommerce SMS Integration Plugin

By Faruque Ahamed Mollick

WooCommerce is one of the amazing plugins for base site which can turn a site into a full-featured eCommerce online store.

You have already noticed that lots of eCommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart has a system, when someone orders a product, he/she get SMS to their registered phone number.

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Will it not be so nice if your buyers get SMS on their phone numbers after they order on your WooCommerce store? And what happened if you get some extra benefits like sending SMS for various order stats?

Yes, it is possible. There is a nice plugin available that will work with WooCommerce plugin to enable sending SMS for different order status. The plugin is MSG91 WooCommerce SMS Integration Plugin. I am going to tell you about this plugin in this post. I will also tell you some of the great features of this WooCommerce plugin.

Download MSG91 WooCommerce SMS Integration Plugin

How does this SMS integration plugin work?

MSG91 WooCommerce SMS Integration Plugin uses MSG91 SMS API. You just need to provide your MSG91 API key and a sender ID to use this plugin. The API is available on the official MSG91 website.

This plugin has several logical conditions which will send SMS from a WooCommerce based eCommerce site. This plugin can send SMS for various order status. You can enable or disable just by clicking on the checkbox whether to send the SMS to admin or to the customer or to both. You can also decide which order status should send SMS or which not just in few clicks.

Below is the video which shows the screenshot of using this WooCommerce SMS sending plugin:


Features of MSG91 SMS Integration plugin

Below are some of the great features of this plugin:

  1. Send SMS for successful payment complete.
  2. Send SMS for order.
  3. You can choose whether to send SMS to admin, to buyers/customer or to both.
  4. Easy installation process.
  5. Set any text for each order status SMS in the text box.
  6. You can place order id, order total price, currency and site name in SMS using these codes – “ORDER_ID”, “ORDER_TOTAL”, “ORDER_CURRENCY” and “SITE_NAME”.

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Why should you use this plugin?

Today, the most popular eCommerce stores have SMS system to send their buyers for order and payment confirmation. If you also use SMS sending features to your customers when they make a payment, order products or their order status change then it will be easy for them to get immediate status. Thus your online store will look more authenticate and trustworthy.

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Also as an admin of a store, you will get notification immediately for order and online payment on your WooCommerce store. If you need to ship products to a destination, then it will help you to do it faster.

So what are you thinking about? Do you think this plugin is useful to you? Then buy this plugin only for Rs 620.

6 responses to “MSG91 WooCommerce SMS Integration Plugin”

  1. Divij says:


    1. I want OTP on checkout to get enabled only when the payment mode is cash on delivery. Is it possible with this plugin?

    2. Once a number has been verified, does the plugin require otp again when the same customer places an order again?

    • Faruque Ahamed Mollick informerfrk says:

      Currently, it is not possible with the plugin. But if you give a custom order then I can modify the plugin as per your requirement. And thank you for showing interest in this plugin.

  2. devi says:

    I want to customer login only mobile number and customer ordered when a message send to admin please me this both features are available

  3. I used this plugin and all features are good. You need add some features in plugin, thank for sharing.

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