About Us

CodeSpeedy Technology Private Limited

Welcome to the introduction page of our company.

CodeSpeedy started as a coding solution blogging platform in the year 2016 to help computer programmers, web developers and software developers. Our blog posts contain articles and tutorials on Python, JavaScript, Swift, PHP, C++, CSS, WordPress, and much more.

Gradually it became popular and we didn’t stop just as a programming blog. We thought to expand our goal. Now we also provide training and internship who are eager in the programming field.

Later, we start to sell our own digital products on our website. The products we sell are source code types that can be useful for projects. These include PHP scripts, WordPress plugins, WooCommerce extensions, Python source code, JavaScript source code and in the future going to add more to our list.

We are constantly developing and researching something new to gear up the technology.

Our developer and programmer team is highly talented and skillful. We are always ready to work on IT-related and software project. If you need website design and development, artificial intelligence services, software development, and Android and iOS developer then here is our team. You can hire us for your project.

We keep transparency and helpful behavior with our clients and always make them, happy by our services.


Take a glance again at what we do:

  • Provide free blog posts and tutorials on programming language and code snippets.
  • Sell useful source code that can be used for projects.
  • Work for clients in web development, software development, AI, mobile app development.


In the future, we are planning to enter even deeper in the world of technology.