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Java program to convert Decimal into Hexadecimal

By Vedant Nandkumar

This program is used to convert a decimal number into a hexadecimal number in Java. A Decimal number employs 10 as a base and represents any number using 10 digits [0-9]. While A H.... Read More

Remove Duplicate words in a sentence using Java

By Vedant Nandkumar

This program is used to remove words which are repeated in a sentence in order to reduce the duplicate words and reduce the sentence length. Duplicate words add redundancy to the s.... Read More

How to break a string into characters in Java?

By Yashas

In this tutorial, we will learn how to break(or split) a String into characters. The end result can be an array of characters or an array of Strings which contain characters. Below.... Read More

Java Program To write Data In Excel File

By Shubham Kumar

In this instructional exercise, you will perceive how to compose on an exceed expectations sheet by utilizing Java. Or in easy words, you will learn, how to write data or insert da.... Read More

Java Program to find Volume and Surface Area of a Cylinder

By Tanisha Saxena

In this tutorial, we will see how to write a java program to find the volume and surface area of any given cylinder. Before we begin, let us first see the definition and formulas u.... Read More

Subtraction of two matrices in java

By Himaja Chinni

In this tutorial, we will learn how to subtract two matrices with good logic. Subtraction of two matrices in Java will be helpful in many applications of two-dimensional arrays. Yo.... Read More

To determine whether string is rotated or not in java (without using loops)

By Sameer

In this tutorial, we will learn how to determine whether the string is one of its rotation of the given string in Java. For example, if the given string is ABCD then its circular r.... Read More

Moving a file from One Directory to Another using Java

By Akash Tripathi

Hey Folks, You must have moved your files from one directory to another number of times, but have you done it with the help of Java? If not, then let’s learn it today. Here I.... Read More