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Count Possible Decodings of a given Digit Sequence in Java

By Kamlendra Pratap Singh

Before moving on to the implementation let us have a look at the below example for better clarity. Examples Let us consider 'A' represents 1, 'B' represents 2, and so it goes on. I.... Read More

How to construct queue using Stacks in Java

By Veda Charitha

Hello Coding Enthusiasts, today we will see how to implement a queue using Stacks in Java. A queue is a First-In-First-Out (FIFO) data structure and a stack is a Last-In-First-Out .... Read More

Find sum of elements in an array with composite frequency in Java

By Swastik Panja

Here, we will learn how to find the sum of numbers in an array with composite frequency in Java. What is Composite Frequency? Composite numbers are those numbers that have factors .... Read More

plusMillis() Method in Java with Examples

By Swastik Panja

In this tutorial, we will learn the plusMillis() method in Java with examples. The plusMillis() method adds the specified number of milliseconds to the time value. This method can .... Read More

Jagged Array in Java

By Shubham Loya

Today, in this tutorial, you get to know about Jagged array and how to create one in Java. A jagged array is basically an array of arrays. Jagged array may consist of various rows .... Read More

User-defined Custom Exception in Java

By Debdeep Das

Exceptions are runtime-errors that terminate a program abnormally. These are generally events that terminate the ongoing process. All Exceptions are child classes of the ThrowableĀ.... Read More

args.length() in Java

By Debdeep Das

Before we start off, it’s very important for us to understand what are command-line arguments. So in this tutorial, we are going to understand what are Command Line Arguments.... Read More

Online Voting System GUI in Java using Swing

By Debdeep Das

This blog presents a tutorial on how to make an Online Voting System using Java. The project uses Java Swing. Java Swing is an API that provides measures to create Java GUI applica.... Read More

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