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How to save and load machine learning model in PyTorch

By Akshat Kharbanda

The main question running through your mind is this: Why should I save and load my machine learning model? The reason you’re asking this is that you’ve probably worked .... Read More

Movies Recommendation using Collaborative Filtering using Machine Learning in Python

By M Ashok

Table contents: What are the Recommendation systems? Types of Recommendation systems Collaborative Filtering for Online Grocery Recommendation Let’s start with what is Recomm.... Read More

Understanding the Bias-Variance Tradeoff in Machine Learning

By Premkumar Vemula

In this article, we will explore one of the most important topics in machine learning. One can even say this topic is the foundation topic of machine learning.  Bias and Variance .... Read More

Terrorism Detection and Classification using kNN Algorithm

By Sanskar

KNN or k-Nearest Neighbour algorithm is one of the most basic and popular algorithms of machine learning. It finds its application in fields like image processing, web data mining,.... Read More

Plotting Violin Plots in Python using the Seaborn Library

By Alokesh Bora

This tutorial will show you how to use violin plots in Python. To do this, we use the Seaborn Library. Violin plots are a way of plotting numeric data. They can be considered as a .... Read More

Plotting a line plot (lmplot) in Python using the Seaborn library

By Alokesh Bora

This tutorial will teach you how to plot one of the most basic plots. To do this, we will be using Seaborn and matplotlib. Importing the libraries In this step, we import the requi.... Read More

Adding a title to a Seaborn line plot (lmplot)

By Alokesh Bora

This tutorial will teach you how to add a title to a lineplot (lmplot) in the Seaborn library. To perform this, we require two libraries – Seaborn and matplotlib.pyplot. Pypl.... Read More

How to Plot Correlation Matrix in Python

By Abinash Reddy

A dataset contains many variables. Where some variables depend on one another, and some may be independent. For creating a better model we must understand how variables of the data.... Read More

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