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Dogecoin Price Prediction with Machine Learning

By Devansh Parikh

In this tutorial, I have used a machine-learning algorithm to predict the future price of Dogecoin (a cryptocurrency). I am going to use Python as the programming language. Dataset.... Read More

Box Office Revenue Prediction using Linear Regression Machine learning algorithm

By Devansh Parikh

In this Machine Learning project, we will predict Box office movie revenue using Linear Regression Machine Learning Algorithm. Dataset Link: cost_revenue_clean.csv Step-1: Importin.... Read More

Graphs, Automatic Differentiation and Autograd in PyTorch Python

By Shubham Kumar Singh

Fellow coders, in this tutorial section we are going to learn about automatic differentiation, graphs, and autograd in PyTorch Python. PyTorch is a very popular deep learning libra.... Read More

Using bfloat16 with TensorFlow models in Python

By Shubham Kumar Singh

Fellow coders, in this tutorial we are going to learn how to use ‘bfloat16’ with TensorFlow models in Python. When using bfloat16 as opposed to 32 bit often proves to b.... Read More

Chat Bot Using NLTK in Python

By Shrimad Mishra

Hi, guys in this post we are going to learn how to make a Chat-Bot using NLTK in Python. In this topic, we will be coming across many new things. First of all What is the NLTK? NLT.... Read More

Extracting patches from large images using Python

By Abinash Reddy

When training any deep learning algorithm we preferred to use small images because using small images gives better performance. But what to do when we have large images. One way to.... Read More

IPL Winner Prediction using Machine Learning in Python

By Abinash Reddy

In this tutorial, we are going to build a prediction model that predicts the winning team in IPL using Python programming language. The dataset can be download from here. The datas.... Read More

Linear Regression from scratch in Python

By Yashwanth Guguloth

In this tutorial, we will implement a linear regression algorithm from scratch in Python without using any inbuilt libraries. We know that in linear regression we find the relation.... Read More