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Gradient Descendent – A Minimization Technique in Python

By Praveen Kumar

In this tutorial, We are going to understand a minimization technique in machine Learning called Gradient Descendent. This is an optimization algorithm that finds a minimum of func.... Read More

Word Collocations in NLP

By Praveen Kumar

In this tutorial, We will learn about Collocation in Natural Language Processing with Python program. We will start this tutorial with a question What is collocation? Collocation i.... Read More

How to determine input shape in Keras TensorFlow

By Mir Shaharayan Ali Khan

Hey coders, In this tutorial, we will learn how to determine the input shapes that the Keras and TensorFlow accepts as their input for training a neural network model. We will firs.... Read More

Pearson Correlation Test between two variables in Python

By Abuzer Malvi

One always needs to find relationships between variables before going further with Machine Learning algorithms on the dataset. The correlation or correlation coefficient captures t.... Read More

Image to Image translation in Pytorch

By Vikrant Dey

Image-to-image translation is a popular topic in the field of image processing and computer vision. The basic idea behind this is to map a source input image to a target output ima.... Read More

Introduction to pandas profiling in Python

By Rituparna Mukherjee

We know for extensive data analysis and to develop a machine learning model we use different libraries like the use of Pandas, Numpy & Matplotlib. The panda s library is mostly.... Read More

Tensorflow Placeholders in Python

By Abuzer Malvi

Tensorflow placeholder() as the name suggests creates a placeholder for a tensor that will be fed later. In simple words, it allocates a block of memory for future use which allows.... Read More

YOLO Object Detection from image with OpenCV and Python

By Anubhav Aery

In this tutorial, we will be learning how to use Python and OpenCV in order to detect an object from an image with the help of the YOLO algorithm. We will be using PyCharm IDE to s.... Read More