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Identifying Product Bundles from Sales Data Using Python Machine Learning

By Vedant Vachharajani

In this article, we are going to observe product bundles from sales data using machine learning technique in Python language. Product bundles are a combination of items to increase.... Read More

Facial expression detection using Machine Learning in Python

By Priya Bansal

Ever wondered, what if your camera could tell you the state of your mind based on its interpretation of your facial expression? Facial expression detection using Machine Learning i.... Read More

Python Tutorial | Template matching using OpenCV

By Aman Kumar

This tutorial is mainly focused on the application of OpenCV. In this tutorial, we will learn to detect the area or region in the source image using the features of the template im.... Read More

Identify Cats vs Dogs in Python using Deep Learning

By Aman Kumar

Hello guys in this tutorial we are going to build a machine learning model that detects the different categories of the animals, for example, cats vs dogs using deep learning techn.... Read More and keras.fit_generator() methods in Python

By Shagun Bidawatka

Keras deep learning library provides three different methods to train Deep Learning models. Each model has its own specialized property to train a deep neural network. Here we will.... Read More

What are Deepfakes in terms of Machine Learning

By Shagun Bidawatka

Deepfakes is the artificial media, it may be image, audio, or video. Here, we will discuss What are Deepfakes, How are they created, their pros and cons. What are Deepfakes? Deepfa.... Read More

Feature Scaling in Machine Learning using Python

By Shagun Bidawatka

When we work on machine learning models, we go through datasets that had multiple features with varying properties. So, it becomes an obstacle to our machine learning algorithm. Fe.... Read More

Proper Noun Extraction in Python using NLP in Python

Proper Noun Extraction in Python using NLP in Python

By Prantik Sarkar | November 14, 2020

Natural Language Processing is a field of Artificial Intelligence that enables machines to process, interpret, and understand human language. Pythons NLTK i.e. the Natural Language ToolKit has a number of robust functions that allow us to extract various information from a text. This article will help you understand how you can extract all the proper nouns present […] Read More