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Row-wise Shift of Matrix Elements using C++

By Riya Ugemuge

Our task is to shift the elements of the matrix row-wise in C++ programming. That means, we shift the elements of the matrix row by row by a certain value and display the result. W.... Read More

Common Prime Factors of a Two Number using C++

By Riya Ugemuge

Suppose we are given two integers, our task is to find the common prime factors of those two numbers. A basic method two achieve this comprises of two steps. Firstly, by finding th.... Read More

Decimal Number to Hexadecimal Number Conversion in C++

By Riya Ugemuge

Taking a decimal number input from the user, and then performing the decimal to hexadecimal conversion on it, and displaying the final converted result with the help of the C++ pro.... Read More

Check if a Matrix is Symmetric or not in C++

By Riya Ugemuge

Here we’ll try to check if a matrix, taken from the user, fulfills the conditions to be a symmetric matrix or not in C++. What is a symmetric matrix? A matrix is said to be s.... Read More

Smallest Immediate Palindrome Problem in C++

By Srirama Charan

Today, we will see a very interesting problem usually referred to as the next palindrome problem. The problem states that, given a positive integer, we need to find the smallest pa.... Read More

Creating Shopping Page using Functions and Class – Objects in C++

By Isha Prasad

Hello Learners, In this tutorial, we are going to create a Shopping Page using C++ Language. This Program will definitely clear so many of your doubts regarding Class and Objects a.... Read More

A C++ Program to Check Whether an Entered Character is lowercase or Uppercase

By Isha Prasad

Hello Learners, In this article, we will learn some easy concepts about characters and their ASCII Codes. English Alphabets are either Uppercase or Lowercase. We can easily tell wh.... Read More

How to Find Sum of Digits of a Number using Recursion in C++

By Isha Prasad

Hello Learners, In this session, we will get familiar with Recursion/Recursive Function. This program deals with two functions. One is the main and another one is the recursive fu.... Read More