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How to make URL inside text clickable link using PHP?

By informerfrk

Several times we may need to check for URL and need them to make clickable. We all see that thing on many websites that the URL inside a text block become clickable. For example, w.... Read More

Simple Password Protected Page Content Using PHP

By informerfrk

I am again here with a new PHP coding tutorial and this is also a simple tutorial that may be useful for you. Do you want a hidden web page or hidden content on your web page and m.... Read More

PHP switch Statement with simple example

By informerfrk

PHP switch statement was first introduced in PHP 5. The switch statement is used to perform different actions that based on different conditions. Below is the syntax of a switch s.... Read More

CSS Code To Make An Element Transparent

By informerfrk

You may need to make an element transparent on your web page. In this post, I am going to tell you how to make an element transparent using CSS code. There is a CSS property availa.... Read More

How to create a link to send email on HTML page?

By informerfrk

You can see on many sites like this link. Whenever you click the link, you will able to send an email that is given using the backend HTML code. There the email address is already .... Read More

Get The First Image Of WordPress Post As Featured Image

By informerfrk

Hello, I am here again with a new WordPres solution for WordPress developers and I hope this tutorial is also going to be helpful for you. Sometimes WordPress users may forget to p.... Read More