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Difference Between While And Do While Loop In java

By informerfrk

Do while and while states may look similar and also the functionality of this loop may look similar, but there is the difference between do while and while statement. In this tutor.... Read More

How to get input from the user in java?

By informerfrk

Here in this Java tutorial, you will learn how to get input from users with simple example code snippets. To get input from users in Java, we are going to use Java Scanner class. T.... Read More

What Is Inheritance In Java?

By informerfrk

Inheritance in Java is a process where a Java class get the properties of another class. The properties can be methods and fields. With the inheritance process in Java, the info.... Read More

How To Draw A Circle In CSS? – CSS Code To Draw A Circle

By informerfrk

Here you will see how to draw a circle using CSS. Drawing circle using CSS code is very easy. There is a trick in CSS which can be used to draw a circle and it is so easy and simpl.... Read More

How To Read File From URL In Java?

By informerfrk

I have already told you how to read a text file that is located in your local directory. We used BufferedReader Java class that is available to use when we import* Now i.... Read More

Adding HTTPS To All Internal Links Of A WordPress Posts

By informerfrk

Here in this post, I am going to show you how to add HTTPS to all of the internal links of WordPress posts. Suppose there is a WordPress site. The site was without any SSL certific.... Read More