Database CRUD Operation in Python with MySQL – Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete

This Python database tutorial will help you to understand all the things you need to learn to implement CRUD operation in Python with MySQL.

What is CRUD Operations in Python using MySQL

In a MySQL database, there are four basic operations you can do using MySQL

  1. Create operation
  2. Read operation
  3. Update operation
  4. Delete operation

We call the above operations the CRUD Operations. In this Python MySQL tutorial, we will learn how to do these four basic operations, i.e CRUD operation in MySQL with Python programming.

Implement CRUD operation in Python MySQL

In order to implement any of these four operations mentioned above, you need the following:

  • A module or connector to connect MySQL database with your Python program.
  • MySQL server username and password.
  • Database name

If you are already having a database and a table in it, then you are ready to learn CRUD operation.

Here is the code to establish the connection in between Python program and MySQL server:

import mysql.connector
db_connection = mysql.connector.connect(
my_database = db_connection.cursor()

The four basic CRUD Operations in MySQL using Python:

We will do the following operations in our table with Python program:

  1. Create data or insert data in MySQL table
  2. Read or retrieve data from MySQL table
  3. Update data in MySQL table

CRUD – Create, Read, Update, Delete

Create Operation in MySQL using Python

By this operation, we can create data in our MySQL database table. In simple words, we can insert data into our database table. This type of operation is known as create operation.

The MySQL Query for inserting data is: INSERT INTO table_name ( column1, column2, …. ) values ( val1, val2, …)

Learn in Python,

Read Data from MySQL Table using Python

This operation is as simple as the name of the operation. By using this operation we can read data from a MySQL table. Or you can say we can fetch or retrieve data from MySQL table. We call this operation a Read operation.

The MySQL Query to read data is: SELECT * FROM table_name

Learn in details with Python code,

Update Operation in MySQL using Python

Using this operation, we can update the values in a MySQL database table. With this operation, we modify our database table data. This operation is known as an update operation.

MySQL query for updating the data in a table is: UPDATE table_name SET column_name=’new value’ where column_name=’value’

Learn in details with Python Code,

Delete Operation in MySQL using Python

To delete any data from MySQL table you can use this operation. So this is known as a delete operation. Delete operation can be easily done with Python.

Query for delete operation in MySQL: DELETE FROM table_name

To learn in details with Python code,


Click each of the mentioned links above to learn how to perform the operation in detailed. Python program is provided for each operation with proper explanation.

Feel free to let us know if you have any doubts.

Happy coding.

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