Watermark or Stamp on PDF While Selling Through WooCommerce

If you are selling your PDF files or eBooks as PDF format or want to start selling PDF eBooks through WordPress using WooCommerce plugin, then did you ever think about the fact that one can buy your eBook from your WooCommerce site and may distribute it for free or may resell it without your permission. Definitely, you will not like this.

Here in this post, I am going to discuss a WordPress plugin that can work with WooCommerce to discourage reselling or distributing in free of cost by stamping on the PDF or by placing a watermark.

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The plugin I am going to discuss is WP PDF Stamper Plugin that stamp watermark or dynamic content on the PDF.

About the WP PDF Stamper Plugin plugin

WP PDF Stamper Plugin works with the popular WooCommerce plugin. If someone buys PDF from your WooCommerce based WordPress site then this plugin can stamp dynamic content like the name of buyer, email, address etc. The PDF stamper plugin then sends the stamped copy to the buyers of that eBook.

You can also password protect the stamped PDF files with the customer’s email address and encrypt the PDF eBooks to prevent users from being able to copy, modify or print the content of the PDF.

Why is it important to stamp on PDF?

If you still don’t know why it is important to stamp or watermark your PDF file that you sell online then here I am going to give you the answer.

Though there are many reasons to stamp on your PDF eBooks, here I am going to tell you some of the most important reasons. The main reason behind it is to protect your PDF eBooks from being shared or reselling. I know that you will never like if someone gets your PDF eBook free of cost or someone reselling it.

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Protect Your PDF eBook Using This PDF Stamper WordPress Plugin

By stamping dynamic content like buyer’s email, address or name on the PDF, it is only referring the buyer as the owner of the eBook and the buyer will think carefully before reselling or sharing it for free of cost if the buyer looks at the stamp. Thus, it will discourage the buyer to share it with others.

Some of the great features of this plugin

below are some of the great features of this plugin

  • Easy to install, easy to use and configure.
  • Protect your PDF eBooks from being share by stamp or watermark on it with buyer information.
  • The plugin can protect your PDF eBooks by password.
  • Encrypt PDF file of your WooCommerce store for security.
  • This plugin supports all Adobe PDF version.
  • This plugin can easily be integrated with WP eStore plugin integration.
  • Free future updates available after you buy this plugin.
  • Can works with HTTPS pages also.

And much more.

If you want to buy this plugin to protect your PDF eBooks of your WooCommerce store then you can purchase the WP PDF Stamper Plugin. But before you purchase it, I suggest you read more about it on the official site of this plugin.

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