Usage guide for Twilio WooCommerce Order SMS Notification Plugin by CodeSpeedy

Twilio WooCommerce SMS

This post contains the usage guide for Twilio WooCommerce Order SMS Notification Plugin by CodeSpeedy that is available on CodeSpeedy.

How to install and activate this plugin?

Installing and activating this plugin is easy. You can install this plugin from zip file like any other WordPress plugin. Below are the steps to install and activate this plugin:

  • First of all, go to Plugins >> Add New from the left side menu of your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Click on Upload Plugin.
  • Choose the plugin zip file in file uploader.
  • After choosing the plugin zip file, click on “Install Now”.
  • Click “Activate Plugin”.

That’s it. The plugin is successfully installed and activate.


Configure and set up to make it ready to send SMS

After installing and activating the Twilio WooCommerce Order SMS Notification Plugin by CodeSpeedy you have to configure it from the options page of this plugin.

Below is how to configure this plugin:

  • After you activate the plugin you will get the menu “WC Twilio SMS” under WooCommerce. Click on it.
  • In the options page, you will see four fields in the configure tab that you can see in the picture below:

    You can get the Account SID and Twilio token after you create account and project on TwilioYou have to buy the sender phone number from Twilio. The admin phone number is the phone number where the admin will get the SMS notification. It will be with the country code like “+91”.
  • In each and every other tabs you will get the option to set the SMS text, SMS enable the checkbox for admin and customers.


Set the SMS text

You can set the SMS notification text for both admin and customers by yourself. The SMS text accept some types of syntax that will be converted to value. below is given these syntaxes and its usage:

  • SITE_NAME : show the name of your WordPress site
  • ORDER_TOTAL : show the total amount cost of the order
  • ORDER_CURRENCY : show the currency name
  • ORDER_ID : show the ID of the particular order


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  1. Chengkai lu says:

    Is there a function to register and send an authentication code??

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