PHP Weather Forecast Script That Uses OpenWeatherMap API

This is the old version of the weather forecast PHP script. Here is the new version of the weather forecast script that works on AJAX.

In this post, I am going to review a weather forecast PHP script that provides current weather data and also show us upcoming weather conditions. The script is built using OpenWeatherMap API.OpenWeatherMap API provides various types of weather data in JSON or XML format.

OpenWeatherMap API provides various types of weather data in JSON or XML format. Developers can use this JSON or XML formatted data to build their own weather forecast app.

The PHP script I am going to discuss is taking weather data from OpenWeatherMap API and JSON formatted data of this API provider. Now you can start your own weather forecast website just by getting the complete source code from here. You can also see the demo of this PHP script.

Download Weather Forecast PHP Script Source Code

See Demo Preview Of Weather Forecast PHP Script

After you download the source code, you just need to provide your own API key that you will able to get from the official OpenWeatherMap website.

Some features of this weather forecast PHP script

Here are some of the great features of this PHP script:

  1. Display current weather stats.
  2. Display weather forecast for upcoming 4 days.
  3. Automatically detect user’s location from his IP and show weather stats and forecast for that place.
  4. Searching for city/town or place is available to see weather stats and forecast for that place.
  5. Easily can be added monetization ad code.
  6. Nice temperature graph available.
  7. No database required to use this PHP script.
  8. Map available.
  9. Radar weather map available for United States only.

The complete source code of this PHP script is available only for $4 from here. Buy source code now. After you download the weather forecast PHP script I suggest you read the readme.html file where it contains the guidelines. See the preview now on

After you download the script, just put your own API key of OpenWeatherMap inside the configuration file and your script will be ready to use.

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