Country information on clicking map – PHP script

Here in this post, I am going to tell you about a PHP script. This is a script where a map will be shown on web page. After you click a country from the map, you will be redirected to a page where you will get several details about that specific country you clicked.

Here is the demo of this PHP script. If you go through the demo link, you will see a world map. All the country on the map is clickable. If you click any one of the countries on the map, you will see a page which contains lots of information like population, currency, capital, region, country flag and so on related to that country.

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The script is completely written in PHP. You can get the source code here. If you like this source script than you can download the source code.

Download country details by clicking on map PHP script

After download, you just need to place it on your server to make it online. No configuration required. And it is not using any kind of database. So there is no headache of the database connection. This script using the API from Rest Countries.

For whom is this script for?

This PHP script is for those who are eager to start their small web-based app. Anyone who wants to monetize this web-based online PHP app is welcome to modify and place their monetization code in this script. You can place monetization ad code like AdSense, Infolinks, Medium, Chitika and whatever you like to monetize this app.

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Also, this script is for those who have the hobby in PHP programming language and are eager to look at the code of this script. To know more about this script and documentation you are requested to visit this link – Get country data on clicking on map – PHP source code.

I hope you like this script and the idea that helps to develop this Country details by clicking map – PHP script. I am free to hear from you. Please give us suggestion which may make this app better.

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