Domain Authority and Page Authority Checker PHP Script Source Code

Domain Authority is so important metric for any website or blog. This metric decide the search ranking for popular search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. More Domain Authority means more search traffic. To know more about Domain Authority I suggest you read this – What Is Domain Authority And Why You Need To Improve It?

Now here in this post, I am going to discuss a PHP script which can show the Domain Authority and Page Authority of any website or web page. Page Authority is also a ranking factor of a particular page of that website.

Facebook and YouTube video downloader PHP script

Here I am going to list all the features of Domain Authority and Page Authority Checker PHP script source code. You can also see the live demo. The live script is already using on one of our sites.

Below are the features:

  1. Completely works on AJAX. That means the page will not refresh if you submit an URL. It will show the data on the same page.
  2. Completely responsive and mobile friendly with a clean design.
  3. The design can be customized easily.
  4. You can easily change the text content or add new content, images, your own logo. There are only two PHP files. One is index.php and another PHP file that called via AJAX. The main PHP file is really so simple that can be easily customized, new text, content can be added or edit.
  5. The official MOZ API used in this PHP script. It is completely free for first 25000 requests.
  6. The design can be customized easily. The CSS file also can be customized.
  7. There is no database required to run this PHP script.

Download Domain Authority and Page Authority Checker PHP script source code

How to use this script?

To use this script, you need to get the API key from official MOZ API provider. After that, you need to put these API keys inside the ajax.php file of this script. You can get your keys from Inside the ajax.php file, you just need to replace “YOUR_ACCESS_ID” and “YOUR_SECRET_KEY” into your own keys and after that, the script will start work.

If you like this script, then you can download it. You can see the live demo of domain authority checker tool here.


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  1. Feneroin says:

    Hello and thanks.
    How we can add MozRank too?
    I have need mozRank too.
    Can you include it?

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