Free Currency Converter PHP using Fixer io API

Hello, Today I am gonna provide you Currency Converter API  PHP Source Code with explanation and how to use that PHP Script.

This tutorial will help you to create your own PHP Currency Converter Script using API.

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Features of this PHP Script :

  1. You can convert one currency into another.
  2. You will have all the currency in a  list as a drop-down menu. ( All the drop-down options are being fetched from the API JSON Data)
  3. You will get the conversion result of currency exchange as well as the Reverse currency exchange result.
  4. Easy to use and easy to understand.
  5. Optimized Code and Light Weight.

You can see the live demo of this PHP Script from Here
Due to some strong reason, we are not providing the script for free anymore.
We strongly recommend you to purchase the product from the given link below