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Here I am going to tell you about a web-basedĀ small web application that is built in PHP and used Google’s GeoChart API. I hope you will like this product. I am going to discuss all the features and functionality of this PHP based web application. BeforeĀ I am going to discuss and review of this product please see the demo link. You can get all the source code from the product page.

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Features of this clickable world map

  • Very easy to run this app on your hosting.
  • No database required.
  • When you click on any one of the countries, it will send you to a page where you will get some informational data about that particular country.
  • Region color, the background color of the map can easily be changed.
  • Completely responsive and mobile friendly.

How to get the source code of this application?

To get download the source code of this app you need to visit the product page where you can purchase and download all the source code of this app.

Changing background color and region color

You can easily change the background and region color. Also, you can change the color of a country on hover. On both of your index.php and template.php file, you will find the JavaScript code that looks like below:

var options = {
  backgroundColor: {stroke:'green', fill:'#7cadad', strokeSize: 1},
  regionColor: '#336600',
  datalessRegionColor: "#233535",
  displayMode : 'regions',

here you can see several options already set. You can change these options as per your requirement. Also in the head tag, you will find some CSS that can be changed.

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After you download the source code, you just need to extract the zip file and place it on your hosting server. After this, the application will be available online and anyone can access it. Get the source code of this PHP application.

I hope you like this PHP application and just like many developers you would also find this app so interesting and fun. If you want, then you can place your ad banner or ad code of advertising networks like Google AdSense to monetize your site.

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