Get This URL Shortener With Analytics PHP Script With MySQL

You will see some popular URL shortener website like Bitly which let you short any types of long URL and you will also be able to see the statistics. On analytics page, you will able to see how many visitors coming from the link.

In this article, I am going to tell you about an URL shortener script that is built with PHP and MySQL database.

Easy URL Shortener With Analytics – PHP MySQL

This is a simple and easy to use PHP script. This is mostly like Google URL Shortening and having some features like adfly URL shortener. Get the complete source code of this PHP script.

The main advantage of this PHP script is that you will also able to generate unique analytic URL for each short URLthat is made. You can see how many hits are getting each URL and also you will be able to see the browsers, operating system of the device and referral URL. In this script, you will able to see an analytical chart which can be easily understood. this chart is really so user-friendly.

Easy URL Shortener PHP script is a nice and complete solution Analytic-Based URL Shortening that can also be used in Advertising. Advertisers can see how many hits is the URL getting.

Some of the great features of this URL Shortener PHP script

Here are some of the features of this PHP script:

  • This script is completely based on Bootstrap. So it is responsive and mobile friendly.
  • Unique short URL can be generated and analytics report can be seen for each URL.
  • URL Shortening can be done only within few seconds
  • No registration is required for users who want to shorten URL.
  • Nice, beautiful and simple chart available for analytical reports.
  • and much more…

Here are some of the useful instructions:

  • You can login to the admin area by using this URL –
  • The default username is administrator and default password is admin. You can change it later.
  • You can setup your Categories, Pages and other settings at Settings Tab

Click here to download the complete source code of Easy URL Shortener PHP script.

Peoples often need to shorten URL by using an URL shortener to see statistics report or just to make it short where there are limited characters can be given. So this URL shortener PHP script may be a nice choice for you to attract visitors.

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