A brife understanding on unsupervised learning

In this tutorial, we will be getting a closer look in unsupervised learning. This is a classification type of machine learning.

Machine learning is a very powerful tool for predicting future data by seeing a trend in a given data set. And unsupervised is a type of classification were in data we have been given output label.

What is unsupervised learning?

when a dataset contains all input variables but it does not contain output label then it is termed as unsupervised learning.

unsupervised is divided into two subpart

  • Clustering
  • Association

when we have to group a trend such as a behaviour on bases of purchase then it is termed as clustering for example

we will be using kaggle dataset (black friday)

unsupervised learning

in this example we will be grouping the data according to purchase, hence this example is called unsupervised clustering problem

and when we rule learning problem is where we want to discover a rule that describes large portions of your data, such as people that buy Z also tend to buy Y.then this termed asĀ  Association problem

for this example, we will be using kaggle dataset

unsupervised learning dataset

in this problem, we describe the trend to predict future relation.


in this tutorial, we learned the following topics.

  • what is unsupervised learning?
  • Clustering and association types of learning

I hope you got a fair idea about the type of unsupervised learning . for more detail I would recommend you to have a look Understanding Artificial Neural network (ANN)until then enjoy learning.

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