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Place or shift all zeros to the extreme right of a number in C++

By Arijit Roychaudhury

In this tutorial, we will learn how to shift or place all zeros to the extreme right of a number in C++. We can solve this problem in linear time complexity using String. So, let u.... Read More

Remove Leading Zeros from a Number in C++

By Arijit Roychaudhury

This tutorial topic is: How to remove leading zeros from a number or string in C++. For example, if you have a string or number which contains zeros as prefix, then you can easily .... Read More

Euclidean Algorithm to find GCD

By Arijit Roychaudhury

GCD is the greatest common divisor of two numbers. Ex: the gcd of 2 and 4 would be 2. In this tutorial, we will be learning how to find GCD using Euclidean Algorithm in Python. Euc.... Read More

Fast Exponentiation in Python

By Arijit Roychaudhury

Topic: Fast exponentiation in Python. What is Exponentiation? Well, if you want to compute the power of some number in respect to some other number, that is called exponentiation. .... Read More

K-Fold Cross Validation

By Arijit Roychaudhury

Well if you are an ML enthusiast then you know that what the value of train-test-split in training a model. So, I will tell in brief about the method train-test-split. In this meth.... Read More

Optimization Techniques : Adaptive Gradient Descent

By Arijit Roychaudhury

Now, we will discuss some new optimization techniques that are effective in reducing loss function of our model. The two effective optimization functions are Adaptive Gradient Desc.... Read More

Optimization Techniques In Neural Network

By Arijit Roychaudhury

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the popular optimization techniques in Neural Network. What is Optimizer in neural network The optimizer is something by virtue of .... Read More

Activation Function For Neural Network

By Arijit Roychaudhury

What is a Neural Network? As we all know Human Neurons are one of the most sensible parts of the human body, it gives humans the ability to visualize, differentiate and determine s.... Read More

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