Xcode Update Stuck on Installation

If your Mac is stuck on Xcode update installation, then don’t worry as you are not the only person who is having this problem.

It’s a common problem while installing Xcode from App Store. In this short tutorial, I will try to give you the best possible way to resolve this problem.

The first thing that might arise on your mind when you see stuck on Installing Xcode

You might be thinking that something is going wrong and your machine is not working during the installation process. You may think that it would be great if you can see if there is any installation progress is going on.

I faced the same issue and overcome the same thoughts. So I try to find how to figure out if actually, any progress is going on in the background.

  • In the first place, it may take some time to start the downloading process.
  • Once the download process will be completed then the real problem will arise, It will be rotating for a long time but you will not be able to see the progress.

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How to see the Xcode installation progress in App store

The easiest way is to click on the rotating symbol and then hover your cursor there for a while.

You may find the installation progress in percentage value. Then check after a few minutes and it should increase.

If not, then don’t panic. Simply follow the below steps:

  1. Click on the launchpad and search for “Console” and open it. ( You can also press “command+space” and search for it )After opening the console you will find a search bar there. See the below screenshot.
    Xcode installation stuck
  2. Just search for “App Store” and then hit Enter.

    Then click on the Start Button as shown below:
    Fix Xcode installation

A lot of lines might appear if your App Store is running.

You will be able to see the progress from these logs.

You may see how many units of progress have been completed out of the total installation progress unit.

So, you can check here if your installation progress is really stuck or not from here. If you see any progression then you should wait until all the progression completes.

If this is not working for you jump to the other way mentioned below.

Check Xcode installation progress in percentage

You can open App Store and simply hover on the rotating bar just beside Xcode.


Download Xcode manually when installation from App store does not working for you

Just visit this official Apple developer site: Apple developer Download Page

Then search for Xcode and then download the Xcode file manually and then try to install it on your machine.

Force Quit and Relaunch App store

Another way is to force quit and relaunch app store. Then click on the updates and try to update Xcode.

  • Turn off sleep mode
  • Leave your machine as it is and wait for it to be installed.

For me, 3 hours were enough to install. 


Install Xcode from the terminal

You can try this command in your terminal

xcode-select --install

Final suggestion

Patience will help you believe me.

If you still facing problems after trying all the methods. Drop your comment below, so that I can find a solution for you.

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