How to update Xcode in Mac

Here, I will show you multiple ways to update Xcode on Mac. I know that this is an easy task to do. But if you are here to find the way to update Xcode in Mac then I can assume that you have tried on your own but somehow you are unable to do so.

That’s why I will show you each of the ways with proper explanation and screenshots.

Our first and easiest way to update Xcode on Mac

Step 1: Open App Store (You can do this in several ways. You can simply click on the App Store icon from the bottom. Or open launchpad and then search for “App Store”. Or you can click Command+Space and search for App store)

Then after opening the App Store Click on the Updates

You can find the screenshot below.

How to update Xcode on Mac


Once you click on that. It will appear like this.

Update Xcode

Now you can click on Update beside the Xcode icon.

You may face an issue like “Not enough free space”

If you are having 41GB Free, then also you may face the same issue. No matter if you are having free storage space of more than the total Xcode size, you may face the same error. I had faced this too.

How I solved the “Not enough free space” issue while updating Xcode

Just try to clear your storage and make sure you have 45 Gb or more free space. It depends on your machine.

Or you can delete this folder ~/Library/Caches/storedownloadd

You may face a long waiting time too and the loader will be rotating for an endless time. Just Quit the App Store and then delete the above-mentioned folder and then relaunch it and try again updating the Xcode.

If you are too lazy to do these on your own. You can hand over it to DevCleaner for Xcode on the App Store ( This app will clear your memory as well.

Or you can manually download the update from

What to do if the Xcode Update option is not there on App Store

It has been reported many times that an App is not updated on your machine and your app is not there in updates list too.

Don’t worry just simply search the App name. Here in our case go to App Store and then search for “Xcode” Then beside the open button you will get an Update option too.

Update Xcode from the terminal

You can open the terminal.

Then simply type softwareupdate --list

Then it will show you all the available updates.

Then you just need to update it through this command

softwareupdate --install --all

If you are still having any issues simply comment down. I will try to help you with the solution.

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