solution: Image Literal is not working anymore in Xcode

I am pretty much sure that you have reached this page because you are not able to see the Image Literal option anymore in Xcode Swift.

I will give you the best alternative way to achieve the same without having the Image Literal pick-up image option.

In previous versions of Xcode, there was an option like Image Literal. I was trying to do the same after following an Xcode tutorial. But when I started typing Image Literal, the Xcode was not bringing any option like that.


Thus, I search over the internet and found that Apple has removed that option from Xcode. Also, I came to know that we can do a similar thing using some other methods. But I will not give you multiple solutions. I will only show you the one which I followed. I hope this will be much easier for you.


For me it worked:

UIImage(named: "YourImageName" )

Where you were intending to type ImageLiteral, just don’t do that, and instead of that type the above code.

The image name should be given as a string thus it is necessary to use double quotes around your Image Name.

You can find the image names also in the Assets.

I was trying to do something from a tutorial and in my case, I had to write the below code:

diceImageViewOne.image = UIImage(named: "DiceSix" )

The format is like who.what = UIImage(named: “ImageName” )

Here I wanted to change the image of diceImageViewOne to DiceSix.

If you come up with any better solution please write that in the comment section to help others developers.

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