How to check Xcode version installed on your machine

Here, I will show you the easiest way to check which version of Xcode is installed on your Mac. The easiest method will come first then we will go for other ways to do the same.

Simple way to check Xcode version

Steps that need to be followed:

  • At first open Xcode on your machine.

You might get something like this:

Check version of Xcode


Simply click on “Xcode”.

If you don’t see any option on top of your Screen related to Xcode then simply click anywhere in your Xcode window. Then you will be able to see all those options above.

Next, click on “About Xcode

About Xcode


That’s all to check your Xcode version that is installed on your machine. For me I get something like this:

Xcode version

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If you wish to update it you can read: How to update Xcode in Mac


Xcode version from Terminal

Just open Terminal and paste it and press Enter:

/usr/bin/xcodebuild -version

You will get something like this:

Xcode version from terminal

If you get any kind of error, try this one:

 xcodebuild -version

In which directory you have your Xcode installed, you can find that using this command:

which xcodebuild

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