How to loop animation in Unity

Hello programmers, In this article, you will learn how to loop animation in Unity.

Creating animation is like giving life to a character. Let’s get started with the building process.

Create Empty GameObject

Go to the Hierarchy tab by right-clicking select Create Empty.

An empty game object will be created.

Create Animation

  • Select the Empty GameObject.
  • Go to the Animation tab and select Create.

Import Sprites

For creating animations we need some sprites or some frames to run together.

For that, we need to import sprites to the folder.

Go to the sprite folder right click > Import new Assets

Select the required Assets and click Import.

Add  Animation

After Importing all the sprites we have to add sprites to the animation tab.

  • Select all the frames or required sprites.
  • Drag it to the Animation tab.

Now Animation has been created with the loop.

Run Animation

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