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Dummy Variable Trap and its solution in Python

By Yash Gandhi

Here, we discuss a dummy variable trap and its solution. But first, we discuss dummy variables. What is the dummy variable? In the regression model, there are various types of data.... Read More

Explain R Squared used In Machine Learning in Python

By Yash Gandhi

In simple words, R Square is a statistical formula. Here we get more details. What is R square? R2  is just a square of R. R is a correlation that is numbered between +1 and -1. I.... Read More

Analyse UBER Data in Python Using Machine Learning

By Yash Gandhi

Looking at Data find that the data is increasing day by day and approx 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generate every day. Now, from this data analysis and get useful information whi.... Read More

Build Recommender Systems with Movielens Dataset in Python

By Yash Gandhi

Here, we learn about the recommender system and its different types. We learn to implementation of recommender system in Python with Movielens dataset. What is the recommender syst.... Read More

Sales Forecasting using Walmart Dataset using Machine Learning in Python

By Yash Gandhi

Forecasting means to predict the future. Forecasting is used to predict future conditions and making plans accordingly. In our daily life, we are using a weather forecast and plan .... Read More

Understanding the Face Recognition Algorithms

By Yash Gandhi

In today’s world, biometric sensors or devices used for security purposes. Biometric devices use because they provide more security and reliability. One of the techniques in biom.... Read More

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