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Custom layers in TensorFlow

By Vanshikha Sharma

In this tutorial, We will learn what custom layers are and how can we implement custom layers in TensorFlow. When you are writing machine learning code you either want to implement.... Read More

ECLAT Algorithm in Machine Learning

By Vanshikha Sharma

In this tutorial, Let us discuss the ECLAT Algorithm. ECLAT is short for Equivalence Class Clustering and bottom-up lattice traversal. It is like Apriori Algorithm a method of Asso.... Read More

Neural style transfer in TensorFlow – Python

By Vanshikha Sharma

In this tutorial, we will learn about Neural style transfer in TensorFlow. In this algorithm, we optimize the loss functions to get pixel values. Neural Style transfer takes two im.... Read More

Precision Handling in Python

By Vanshikha Sharma

In Python, we have different types of data types like boolean, integer, lists and float. Python has different functions to handle different data types. To handle the precision in t.... Read More

Predict survivors from Titanic tragedy using Machine Learning in Python

By Vanshikha Sharma

Machine Learning has become the most important and used technology in the last ten years. Machine Learning is basically learning done by machine using data given to it. Machine Lea.... Read More

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