Why Python Is The Most Popular Language For Machine Learning

Python is the go-to language for simple to complex tasks such as writing a ‘Hello World’ code or making machine learning programs. Machine learning in layman’s terms is using previously available data and analyzing it to make future decisions. You will also get the answer to your question which programming language is best for machine learning. The answer is simply Python is the most popular language for machine learning. Here are several reasons why Python is the most popular language for this task.

Python is the most popular language for machine learning


Simple Syntax:

Python is a relatively simple language to write code. Python has been built for making a clean code which is easy to understand. That is why Relatively complex codes can be written with ease in python.

For this reason, python has been the fastest growing language in the past decade.  Though Java is the most popular language among employers, python was found to be the most loved language among developers of all ages.

python is the most popular language for machine learning


Python is good with Data:

Machine learning is all about data. Raw data is to be extracted, processed and arranged when dealing with machine learning. One of the main reasons for this is that machine learning might require one to use various types of data including audio, video, pictures, numbers, text files. And python is one of the few languages which can deal with all of them alone.


Many packages:

There are many many packages available for python out each one specialized to deal with one or the other data type. NumPy, Django, TensorFlow are a few popular ones. Moreover, these packages do not require new learnings. After learning python, they can be directly implemented. The best part is that python as well all these packages are absolutely free. They can be downloaded and used simply by using the import command.


Available support:

Since python is so popular and it is open source, there are infinitely many resources you can look at online for help. There are many enthusiasts and experts who work actively on forums like ‘geeks for geeks’ to help others. There is a high probability that someone might have faced the exact issue as the one you are trying to solve. Moreover, there are many books and learning platforms you can look at if you want to get started with python.

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