Print time in all time zones in Python

In this tutorial, we are going to see how we can print time in all time zones in Python. We will also see a few real-time examples.

Using the pytz library to print time in all time zones

The pytz library in Python can handle problems related to time zones with relative ease and efficiency. Hence, it is most commonly used to get time in different time zones. The reason for it being used so frequently is that it brings the Olson tz database into Python. In addition to pytz library, we are going to use datetime and tzlocal libraries.

Let us import these

from datetime import datetime
from pytz import timezone
from tzlocal import get_localzone

So, we can see that from the library tzlocal, we will get local timezone. But, let us see how to get the time for a particular time zone.

# Current time in Kolkata
now_kol ='Asia/Kolkata'))

format = "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S %Z%z"


2020-03-17 15:41:58 IST+0530

Here, we can see that to find the current time in any time zone present it the pytz library, the function  is called.  Also, the function strftime() returns the date and time in the string format we have provided above.

Let us see some more examples.

# Current time in UTC
now_utc ='US/Eastern'))

# Current time in London
now_lon ='Europe/London'))

# Current time in Sydney
now_syd ='Australia/Sydney'))


2020-03-17 06:26:12 EDT-0400
2020-03-17 10:26:12 GMT+0000
2020-03-17 21:26:12 AEDT+1100

Hence, we have calculated the time for different time zones i.e US, Europe, Australia.

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