Polar contour plot in Matplotlib in Python

In this article, you will how to create Polar Contour Plot using the matplotlib module in Python.


The matplotlib module in Python is a visualizing module in Python used to visual 2D Arrays through plotting them in a 2D space.

This matplotlib contains many functions for visualizing the 2D arrays in 2D space.

To use the matplotlib module first we should install it on our system. The installation of the matplotlib module is as shown in the figure:

Polar contour plot in Matplotlib in Python

Polar Contour Plot:

It is also one of the visualizing to show the 2D arrays in 2D space. It can be implemented in Python by using the matplotlib module and its functions.

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
# Using linspace so that the endpoint of 360 is included
actual = np.radians(np.linspace(0,360,20))
expected = np.arange(0,70,10)
r,theta=np.meshgrid(expected, actual)
values=np.random.random((actual.size, expected.size))

The output of the above code :

Polar contour plot in Matplotlib in Python


In the above code, we must import the matplotlib module and the NumPy module.

Convert the given parameters into radians using radians function in the NumPy module. Then after converting them to radians use the pyplot function from the matplotlib in Python to plot the Polar Contour Plot.

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