IMDB Movie WordPress Plugin Using TMDB API For Your Blog

IMDB Movie WordPress Plugin

Today in this posts, I am going to introduce you to a WordPress plugin that may be helpful to you. If you are running a movie related or entertainment blog, then this plugin may help you and save your time.

Here I am going to tell you about IMDB Movie WordPress Plugin Using TMDB API. With this plugin, you can add summary and details about any movie in your posts and pages.

This plugin actually let you get movie details from TMDB, but all the movies available on IMDB also with same details. But, IMDB doesn’t provide any API. TMDB is the API provider for movies that let developer access all the movie details through their API. So, to use this plugin, you need to get API Key from TMDB.

If you want, then you can see the live demo of this plugin.

Below are some front-end screenshots of this plugin:


Default theme

Movie WordPress Plugin Default Theme


Dark Theme

Movie WordPress Plugin Dark Theme


Blue Theme


There are two more themes available for the fornt end.


And below are some screenshot of backend editor:



Features of IMDB Movie WordPress Plugin Using TMDB API

Below are the features of this plugin:


  • Show movie snippets using TMDB API Key in your posts and pages using the shortcode.
  • Show movie poster image.
  • Available all the movies that you can see on IMDB.
  • Complete responsive design and mobile friendly.
  • You don’t need to type shortcode by yourself. You can create shortcode easily just by using the button. Here you need to put only the IMDB ID of the movie or you can search to add the IMDB movie from your editor.
  • There are 5 different designed theme available.
  • Shows movie name, tagline, budget, rating, release date, overview, genres, movie overview and production companies.


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Do you need this plugin? You can buy the IMDB Movie WordPress Plugin Using TMDB API from here. The plugin is listed on CodeCanyon.



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