How to plot pie chart in excel sheet using Python

After this tutorial, you will be able to plot a pie chart in an excel sheet using Python. We will use the xlsxwriter module that is available in Python. First, you have to know about the xlsxwriter module.


xlsxwriter is a library in Python that is used to perform operations on excel files. Using the xlsxwriter library, we can do the following operation.

we can,

  • Create an excel file
  • Write to an excel file
  • Perform arithmetic operations
  • Plot charts
  • Merge cells
  • Perform data validation.


  • At first, we have imported the xlsxwriter module.
  • Then we created a workbook object using Workbook() that takes the filename as the argument.
  • After that, the workbook object is used to add a new worksheet using the add_worksheet() method.
  • And then, we created a format object to format cells in worksheets using the add_format() method.
  • Then we created data lists called head and data.
  • We have written those data along the row and column using write_row() and write_column() methods. write_row() and write_column() methods take cell, data, font format as arguments.
  • Next, we created a chart object which can be added to a worksheet using the add_chart() method. The add_chart() method takes a type of chart as an argument.
  • Then we added a data series to a chart using the add_series() method.
  • The set_title() method is used to set the chart title.
  • We can set the style of an excel chart using the set_style() method.
  • The insert_chart() method is used to insert the chart into the excel sheet.
  • At last, we closed the excel file using the close() method.

Let’s take a look at the implementation.

import xlsxwriter 
wbook = xlsxwriter.Workbook('PieChart.xlsx')  
wsheet = wbook.add_worksheet() 
font = wbook.add_format({'bold': 1}) 
head = ['Vehicle', 'Count'] 
data = [ ['Car', 'Bike', 'Bus'],[10, 50, 70],] 
wsheet.write_row('A1', head, font)  
wsheet.write_column('A2', data[0]) 
wsheet.write_column('B2', data[1]) 
chart = wbook.add_chart({'type': 'pie'}) 
    'name':       'Transport data', 
    'categories': ['Sheet1', 1, 0, 3, 0], 
    'values':     ['Sheet1', 1, 1, 3, 1], 
chart.set_title({'name': 'Transport data'}) 
wsheet.insert_chart('D2', chart, {'x_offset': 25, 'y_offset': 10}) 

After executing the above Python code, our excel sheet will look like below,

Piechart in excel

I hope that you learned something new from this tutorial.

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