How to install pywhatkit in Python

In this tutorial, we will discuss how to install pywhatkit in Python. Pywhatkit module contains many features like

  • Send WhatsApp messages
  • Send WhatsApp images
  • Converting an Image to ASCII Art
  • Sending Mails with HTML Code
  • Google Search
  • Play a YouTube video
  • To get information on any specific topic

Pywhatkit module is also used for converting text into handwritten text images.

Pywhatkit is easy to use and officially supports Python 3.8+

Install pywhatkit in Python

Make sure that pip is installed in your environment.

In terminal enter the following command

Let’s see the command¬†

pip install pywhatkit

After running the above command, pywhatkit will be installed successfully in your environment.

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3 responses to “How to install pywhatkit in Python”

  1. DIVESH JAIN says:

    By using this command I am unable to install pywhatkit. The CMD shows that ” ‘pip’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.” So what should I do?

    Pls do reply.

    • Saruque Ahamed Mollick says:

      Kindly check the path location where you have installed the Python. Under the python directory you will get directory like “Scripts” then under that you will get “pip”
      Something like this: C:\Python\Scripts\pip – Instead of Python you can get the Python_version
      So just explore C:\Python\Scripts – and then open CMD in this particular path and run that command.
      Or you can simply do this: “C:\Python\Scripts” add this to your PATH variable.

    • Harish Mullagura says:

      Install the Pip and add the path in environment variable. I hope this clears your doubt

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