How To Generate Random Password In PHP?

Today in this post we are going to see how to generate a random password with PHP. You can see on lots of websites and web-based applications generating random passwords when a user registered.

Now let’s see how to generate password randomly with PHP programming language.

We are going to make a PHP function which will generate a random password. Below is the given code of that PHP function:

function generate_pw() {
  // Set random length for password
  $password_length = rand(8, 16);
  $pw = '';

  for($i = 0; $i < $password_length; $i++) {
    $pw .= chr(rand(32, 126));
  return $pw;

The above function will return the randomly generated password. You just need to call the function like any other PHP function and it will return the password.

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Here we have first declared the length of the password in the variable $password_length. The length of the password can be anything between 8 to 16 as we have set the random value between 8 and 16 with the PHP rand function which is rand(8, 16).

After that, we have declared a variable $pw and assign the blank string to it. Then we start a for loop which generates a random character between ASCII code 32 to 126. This process will repeat as $length times. Thus it will generate the password between the ASCII value 32 and 126.

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How to use the random password generating function?

It is very simple to use the function that we have just build. The code below will display a randomly generated password on the web page.

   echo generate_pw();

You can further modify the function and you can change the ASCII range as per as your requirement.

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