Find SubArray with given Sum in Python

Hi, guys, we are given with the array or list in Python. Our task is to Find a subarray with given sum in Python.

You all should know about the subarray before attempting the given question. So I advise checking “What is a subarray?”

Algorithm part:-

  1. Make a function name find and pass the array, length of the given array and the sum to find in the array.
  2. Run a loop from 0 to length of the array.
  3. Take a variable name currsum and assign the first element of the array.
  4. now take a variable j and make it i+1
  5. Now if the j is less than or equal to n the while loop will run.
  6. If currsum is greate than the given sum or j is equal to n the break the loop or currsum is equal to given sum the print the indexes.
  7. If the above conditions are not satisfied.

Then add the next element to the currsum.

Python program: Find SubArray with given Sum

Now here is the code

def subsum(arr,n,sum): 
    for i in range(n): 
        while j<=n: 
            if currsum==sum: 
                print ("Sum found between") 
                print("indexes %d and %d"%( i, j-1)) 
                return 1
            if currsum>sum or j==n: 
    print ("No subarray found") 
    return 0

# Driver program 
print("Enter the array")
arr=list(map(int,input().split(" "))) 
sum=int(input("Enter the sum to find in the array\n"))

Here is the output:-

Find SubArray with given Sum

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