How to send SMS from Easy Digital Downloads store?

EDD Purchase Complete SMS Alert Plugin

Are you running a store on the Easy Digital Downloads WordPress plugin to sell your digital downloadable files? If yes, then this article may be going to help you.

You may find that many of the online store and eCommerce business send SMS from their website. Sending SMS to the users can have a huge impact that can increase user experience and reputation.

Now in this article, I am going to tell you how to send SMS from Easy Digital Downloads store to your buyers when they purchase a download on your site.

EDD Purchase Complete SMS Alert Plugin

EDD Purchase Complete SMS Alert Plugin is an SMS alert plugin that can send SMS to users when they complete a purchase on your EDD store.

This plugin uses Twilio SMS API to send SMS from your EDD store. So, to use this plugin, you have to get the Twilio SMS API.

After you install and activate this Easy Digital Downloads SMS plugin, it will automatically add a phone number field. Buyer will have to put his/her phone number. The SMS alert will be sent to this phone number after the user completes the purchase.

After you purchase this plugin, first of all, read the documentation and install the plugin. After installing and activating this plugin get the Twilio SMS API from the official Twilio website. You should have SMS credit on your Twilio account. All you need is your Twilio account SID, Twilio token and sender phone number. All these credentials you will get in your Twilio account.

After you get the SID, token and sender phone number, you just need to put it in the plugin settings that you can see in the picture below:

Easy Digital Downloads SMS

From the above picture, you can also see that, you can customize the SMS text appear. The SMS text allow tags like [payment_id] and [total_price] that will be replaced by value.

I hope this plugin will help you to send SMS from your Easy Digital Downloads store. To purchase and learn more about this plugin visit the plugin page.

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