EDD Purchase Complete SMS Alert Plugin

EDD Purchase Complete SMS Alert Plugin
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EDD Purchase Complete SMS Alert Plugin can work with the Easy Digital Downloads WordPress extension and enable it to send SMS using Twilio SMS API.

Using this plugin both the admin or you and the buyer will get SMS when a purchase become completed. Below are all the features of this plugin listed:

  • Send SMS to admin when a purchase completed.
  • An SMS will be sent to buyers when their purchase become completed.
  • This plugin will add a phone number field in the checkout page.
  • From the plugin options settings page, you can enable or disable SMS for admin or for buyers.
  • SMS text can be customized easily.
  • You can use tags to show different types of value in SMS text. For example, [payment_id], [total_price] will be replaced with payment ID and the total amount of price in SMS text.
  • Easy to use. All you need is just to put your sender phone number provided by Twilio, Twilio Account SID and Auth Token.
  • This plugin uses Twilio SMS API which is able to send SMS in multiple countries worldwide. that means you will have a wide range of location where your SMS will work.
  • Documentation is available after purchasing this plugin.

So these are the features listed above for Easy Digital Downloads Purchase Complete SMS Alert Plugin. With this plugin, you will be able to gain the trust of your buyers by sending them an instant SMS to their phone.

To use this SMS sending extension for Easy Digital Download WordPress plugin, you have to get your Twilio API credentials from Twilio website. This is because this plugin uses the Twilio API to send SMS.

For any query relates to this extension, please don’t hesitate to contact us.