MSG91 WooCommerce Order SMS Notifications Pro Plugin

MSG91 WooCommerce Order SMS Notifications Pro Plugin
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MSG91 WooCommerce Order SMS Notifications Pro Plugin is the paid version of MSG91 WooCommerce SMS Integration Lite. This is an extension for WooCommerce plugin that can send SMS to both buyers and admin from the WooCommerce store.

This paid version of the plugin has all the features available that are disabled in the lite or free version of the plugin available on the official WordPress plugin directory.

Below is the list of complete features and functionality provided by this MSG91 WooCommerce SMS sending plugin:

  • Send SMS after a buyer order on the WooCommerce store, after order complete, on order failed, after order canceled, on a refund, when an order is on hold, on pending payment, when payment made for the order.
  • The plugin will send SMS both admin and customers. SMS can be also disabled or enabled for admin or customer.
  • You can disable or enable each type of SMS from the plugin settings page on the dashboard.
  • From order edit page, You can send manual SMS to the buyers billing phone number.
  • You can easily put order ID, order currency, total order cost and the site name in SMS text by using some simple tags.

How to use this plugin?

The plugin is very easy to use. To start using this plugin you just need MSG91 API keys and transactional SMS plan from MSG91. After you get these, you just need to put MSG91 API key and a sender id in the plugin configuration. That’s it, and it will start working immediately.

To get the API, visit official MSG91 website