Display various Datetime formats using Python

In this tutorial, we will see how to display various datetime formats in Python using simple methods.

Datetime library in Python

As the name suggests, the datetime formats in Python can be easily displayed using the datetime library. To install the library you can use the following command on your command prompt.

pip install datetime

Now that you have installed datetime, import it as dt using this command

import datetime as dt
print('Datetime imported as dt')
datetime imported as dt

So now that we have successfully installed and imported the library, let us start printing the various datetime formats. First, we will display the current time date and time.

print("Current date and time: " , dt.datetime.now())
Current date and time:  2020-03-26 12:32:07.942730

Here we can see that by using the datetime.now() method, the current date and time have been displayed. Similarly, using built-in datetime methods, we can display various other formats.

Current month and year

print("Current year: ", dt.date.today().strftime("%Y"))
print("Month of year: ", dt.date.today().strftime("%B"))
Current year:  2020
Month of year:  March

Current week of the year and weekday

print("Week number of the year: ", dt.date.today().strftime("%W"))
print("Weekday of the week: ", dt.date.today().strftime("%w"))
Week number of the year:  12
Weekday of the week:  4

Day of year, Day of the month, Day of week

print("Day of year: ", dt.date.today().strftime("%j"))
print("Day of the month : ", dt.date.today().strftime("%d"))
print("Day of week: ", dt.date.today().strftime("%A"))
Day of year:  086
Day of the month :  26
Day of week:  Thursday

So, we have seen how to display various datetime formats using datetime library in Python.

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