Python Date and Time

Python Date and Time provides time package to deal with Date and time. It helps to retrieve current date and time and can be used to manipulate with the help of built-in methods.

Working with Python Date and Time

Python Retrieving Time Example-

import time
localtime = time.localtime(time.time())  
print ("Current Time is :", localtime) 


Current Time is : time.struct_time(tm_year=2019, tm_mon=7, tm_mday=24, tm_hour=22, tm_min=44, tm_sec=38, tm_wday=2, tm_yday=205, tm_isdst=0)

In the above case can see the output is not formatted. So the Formatted Datetime-

import time
localtime = time.asctime( time.localtime(time.time()) )
print ("Formatted time :", localtime)


Formatted time : Wed Jul 24 22:45:08 2019

So below is an example to find –

a) Current date and time
b) Current year
c) Month of year
d) Week number of the year
e) Weekday of the week
f) Day of year
g) Day of the month
h) Day of week

import time
import datetime
print("Current date and time: " ,
print("Current year: ","%Y"))
print("Month of year: ","%B"))
print("Week number of the year: ","%W"))
print("Weekday of the week: ","%w"))
print("Day of year: ","%j"))
print("Day of the month : ","%d"))
print("Day of week: ","%A"))


Current date and time: 2019-07-24 22:49:23.129764
Current year: 2019
Month of year: July
Week number of the year: 29
Weekday of the week: 3
Day of year: 205
Day of the month : 24
Day of week: Wednesday

Python isleap(year) Method Example

The below program will check if a year is a leap year or not in Python.

import calendar
y=int(input("Enter any year"))
if calendar.isleap(y):
   print("Given year is leap year=",y)
   print("Given year is not leap year=",y);


Enter any year 2010
Given year is not leap year= 2010



How do we calculate the number of days between two dates using Python

from datetime  import date

d1 = date(2017, 7, 8)
d2 = date(2017, 9, 6)

difference= d2 - d1

print ("No of Days in between=",difference.days)


No of Days in between = 60

Python Program to calculate year,month and date

from datetime import datetime

def diff_month(d1, d2):
    print("year=",(d1.year - d2.year))
    print("month=", (d1.month  - d2.month))
    print("days=",( -

diff_month(datetime(2018,9,24), datetime(1994,8,6))


year= 24
month= 1
days= 18

Python program to print yesterday, today, tomorrow

The below program will help you to print the date of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

import datetime
date_today1 =

date_yesterday1 = date_today1 - datetime.timedelta(days = 1)date

date_tomorrow1 = date_today1 + datetime.timedelta(days = 1) 

print('Yesterday date: ',date_yesterday1)

print('Today date: ',date_today1)

print('Tomorrow date: ',date_tomorrow1)


Yesterday date:  2019-07-31
Today date:  2019-08-01
Tomorrow date:  2019-08-02

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