Convert Numpy Array Into Comma Separated String

In this tutorial, you will learn how to convert NumPy array Into a comma-separated string in Python. The string is known as a group of characters together. Similarly, an array is a collection of similar data elements.

The data presented in the array()  are grouped and separated into each element using a comma. The arrays will be implemented in Python using the NumPy module.

About NumPy Module:

Numerical Python (NumPy) has several builtin methods. Among those various methods, array() is one of the methods which creates an array. Hence, let’s have a look at the general attributes of an array. They are as follows.

  • An array can hold many values based on a single name.
  • Access the elements based on the index number.
  • We can slice the elements in the array [start: end] based on the start and end position -1 elements display the results.

Structure of Array:

The structure of the array as follows:

numpy array to comma separated string in Python

The elements are accessed based on the index values. If the array size is “n” the last index value is [n-1] and the starting index always [0].

#----------importing NumPy module----------------
import numpy

from the above statement, we have imported the NumPy module.

Usage of an array:

The syntax of the array method will be as follows:

Syntax:  numpy.array(data)


  • Data must be a list or tuple or any data set.
  • Array method converts the given data into an array.

Hence, let have a glance over a few examples on the array given below.

Example 1:

import numpy

The output of the above code will be as follows:


From the above example, the list (i.e. [1,2,7]) is converted to array by using the array method of the NumPy module. So, let’s have a look at the following code to perform our present task.

Code to convert a NumPy array into a comma separated string in Python

import numpy
for i in range(0,len(z)):


Hence, the output of the above code will be as follows:



From the above program, the elements presented in the array “z” will separate by comma up to last but one element. Because the last element didn’t need a comma on its suffix.


  • It will be used in text scraping and sentence correction in the PDF documentation.
  • Used to find how many sentences in a given page or book
  • Automated tools use a comma-separated string for sentence identification.


To sort a given array using NumPy Module-> Sort an Array – Numpy

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  1. Gary says:

    >>> print(“,”.join(z))
    works just as well and is easier to read.

  2. Elsa Velazquez says:

    yeah but how it is spelled out here is easier for a beginner to comprehend

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