Convert a Numpy Array to Image in Python

In this tutorial, you will learn how to Convert a Numpy Array to Image in Python. Here, we are going to use the Python Imaging Library ( PIL ) Module and Numerical Python (Numpy) Module to convert a Numpy Array to Image in Python. PIL and Numpy consist of various Classes. We require only Image Class. Hence, our first script will be as follows:

from PIL import Image
import numpy as np

Here, we have imported Image Class from PIL Module and Numpy Module as np. Now, let’s have a look at the creation of an array.

w,h=512,512     # Declared the Width and Height of an Image
t=(h,w,3)       # To store pixels
# Creation of Array
A=np.zeros(t,dtype=np.uint8)   # Creates all Zeros Datatype Unsigned Integer

Let’s have a clearer Explanation here,

Tuple  indicates the matrix order “h x w x 3” where w,h is the height and width of an Image, 3 indicates the three colors per pixel [R, G, B].

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Structure of Array:

So, lets have a look at the structure of the specified array for converting it to Image. It is as follows

A= [ [R00, G00, B00], [R01, G01, B01], [R02, G02, B02],  …, [R0(h-1), G0(h-1), B0(h-1)]

[R10, G10, B10],   [R11, G11, B11],   [R12, G12, B12],    …,  [R1(h-1), G1(h-1), B1(h-1)]

”                              ”                              ”                                              ”

”                              ”                              ”                                              ”

[R(w-1)0, G(w-1)0, B(w-1)0], [R(w-1)1, G(w-1)1, B(w-1)1], …, [R(w-1)(h-1), G(w-1)(h-1), B(w-1)(h-1)] ]

I think it might be complex to understand. But, it consists of [R,G,B] of each pixel of an Image. Now, lets have a look at assigning colors to the Image.

for i in range(h):
    for j in range(w):
        A[i,j]=[i%256,j%256,(i+j)%256]    # Assigning Colors to Each Pixel

So, Our new Pixel will be [i,j,i+j] where, i iterates through the Height and j iterates through the Width of an Image. i.e. Red -> i%256, Green -> j%256 and Blue -> (i+j)%256.

Each Color of Pixel is Modular Divided(%) by 256 since the RGB Color Model holds the highest Color Range from 0 t0 255 Hexadecimal Values. Now, let’s have a look at converting Array into Image using Image Class.


As you have seen, Image Class Consists fromarray() Method which converts the given array to the specified Color Model(i.e. RGB Model).

Here, i is the Image Object created for the given Numpy Array. Let’s have a glance over Viewing or Showing the Image. It can be done by the show() method of Image Object. Consider the following Example


from PIL import Image
import numpy as np
for i in range(h):
    for j in range(w):


The output of the above code will be as follows

colorful pattern

So, In this way, we can convert a Numpy Array into Image using PIL and Numpy.

One response to “Convert a Numpy Array to Image in Python”

  1. Jeff Biss says:

    When run in Jupyter Notebook this code, as written above, generates the following error:

    TypeError Traceback (most recent call last)
    4 t=(h,w,3)
    5 A=np.zeros(t,dtype=np.uint8)
    —-> 6 for i in range(h):
    7 for j in range(w):
    8 A[i,j]=[i%256,j%256,(i+j)%256]

    TypeError: ‘numpy.ndarray’ object is not callable

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