Check if string is number in C++

In this tutorial, we will learn how to check whether the string is a number using C++. To better understand the problem, we are going to see some examples.

For Example:
Let us take three input strings 
string s1 = "CodeSpeedy"
string s2 = "c++"
string s3 = "54655449"

So Now the Output will be 

Not Number 
Not Number

Now to solve this problem we are going to use the std::isdigit() function method. It is the fastest method to implement the solution.

Approach to the Problem

We just have to pass a string as a parameter that iterates and checks the string in each character-wise. As it finds out the first non-number character in the string, It returns False, and if not it returns True.

C++ program to check if a string is number or not

// Program to find the string is a number
#include <iostream>
#include <algorithm>

using namespace std;

// Function to check the string character by character
bool isNumber(string& str)
    for (char const &c : str) {
        // using the std::isdigit() function
        if (std::isdigit(c) == 0)
          return false;
    return true;

//Driver Code
int main(){
    string str1 = "2Codespeedy";
    string str2 = "2222313232";
    string str3 = "a31C++";

    isNumber(str1) ? cout << "Number\n" : cout << "Not number\n";
    isNumber(str2) ? cout << "Number\n" : cout << "Not number\n";
    isNumber(str3) ? cout << "Number\n" : cout << "Not number\n";

    return 0;

Not Number
Not Number

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