How to check the current C++ version using Program

In this tutorial, we will learn how to check the current C++ Version using a program. For finding the current C++ version, we require knowledge of _cplusplus values of each version.

Here we will see the _cplusplus values of different C++ versions and write a program using those _cpluplus values with which we can check the current C++ Version. If you don’t know the values we will learn those values and then learn how to write a program using those _cplusplus values.

Program to Check current C++ version

Here is the list of the values of _cplusplus and their standards.

For C++ pre-C++98, the _cplusplus output value is 1.

For C++98, the _cplusplus output value is 199711L.

For C++11, the _cplusplus output value is 201103L.

For C++14, the _cplusplus output value is 201402L.

For C++17, the _cplusplus output value is 201703L.

Here we can use if-else if statements to write the code and the code is as follows. The program gets executed as a normal if-else if statement giving the required output.

C++ Program:

using namespace std;
int main () {
    if (__cplusplus == 199711L)
    cout << "The current version is C++98\n";
    else if (__cplusplus == 201103L)
    cout << "The current version is C++11\n";
    else if (__cplusplus == 201402L) 
    cout << "The current version is C++14\n";
    else if (__cplusplus == 201703L)
    cout << "The current version is C++17\n";
    cout << "It is pre-standard C++\n";

Let us run this code for a C++ version and find out the output. Here I am testing the code in the compiler of C++14 version and lets check so let us run this program and check and find the output. Here is the link of the output attached running the above code.


The current version is C++14

How to check the current C++ version using Program


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