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Design The Knight’s tour problem in Python

By Sarbajit De

Here we are going to discuss backtracking to solve The Knight’s tour problem in Python. At first, before we move on to the problem let’s see what is backtracking. Backtrack.... Read More

Create table in Python using Tkinter

By Sarbajit De

Here we are going to discuss creating a table in Python using Tkinter. Before moving in further let’s first understand what is Tkinter. Tkinter is a standard yet powerful GUI.... Read More

Python | 404 Error Handling in Flask

By Sarbajit De

We have encountered this 404 error many numbers of times. This error pops up when a page is not found. This happens when the page is deleted or maybe it’s URL got changed and.... Read More

COVID-19 Outbreak Prediction Using Machine Learning in Python

By Sarbajit De

Here, we are going to discuss a burning topic COVID-19 outbreak and its prediction using various libraries in Python. This code will help us to understand the various factors of th.... Read More

Classification Of Iris Flower using Python

By Sarbajit De

This is a very basic machine learning program that is may be called the “Hello World” program of machine learning. So here I am going to discuss what are the basic step.... Read More

How to find sentence similarity in Python?

By Sarbajit De

Here in this post, I am going to teach you how to compute sentence similarity with Python. But why do we need to find similarity between two sentences? The reason is that when we n.... Read More

How to delete Similar Images from a directory or folder in Python

By Sarbajit De

We all have faced this issue sometime or the other which I am going to discuss below. We have thousands of image some of which are duplicate i.e. having the same size, same image b.... Read More

How to flip a video in Python

By Sarbajit De

Here we are going to learn how to flip a video clockwise or anticlockwise in Python. The video is at first captured from the camera then stored before flipping it upside down. In m.... Read More

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