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Login Registration System using MySQL in Django

By Aditi Deo

For any website, it is essential to authenticate the user to verify their identity. Therefore, in this tutorial, we will learn to setup login and registration system using MySQL in.... Read More

How to connect MySQL to Django

By Aditi Deo

Django provides a default database called SQLite which is an inbuilt database. But sometimes we might choose to connect popular databases such as MySQL to the Django framework to m.... Read More

How to update a specific package using pip

By Aditi Deo

Sometimes, packages in Python can get outdated so there is a need to update the packages. Also for security and performance issues, we need to update the packages so that we can fi.... Read More

on_delete purpose on Django models

By Aditi Deo

Models in Django are objects  that have specific attributes and functions. They are used to represent and manage data in the database. Using Django we can easily create, update, o.... Read More

Generate a Random Boolean Value in Python

By Aditi Deo

In many situations, we need to generate random boolean values in Python. It is similar to flipping a coin to get either heads or tails. We need random values to generate test cases.... Read More

Handling very large files with openpyxl in Python

By Aditi Deo

Sometimes, we can have huge Excel or CSV files with many rows and columns. In this case, loading such files directly in Python can cause the interpreter to crash. Thus, we can make.... Read More

Signals In Django – Usage with examples

By Aditi Deo

Suppose whenever a user registers himself to a given website, we want the user profile to be automatically created. Or consider when a user profile is deleted, we want to notify th.... Read More

Parse JSON from URL in Python

By Aditi Deo

It is not easily possible for humans to read the various kinds of JSON data that are available on the internet. Therefore, Python has provided several libraries and methods through.... Read More

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