Adding a title to a Seaborn line plot (lmplot)

This tutorial will teach you how to add a title to a lineplot (lmplot) in the Seaborn library. To perform this, we require two libraries – Seaborn and matplotlib.pyplot.

Pyplot is nothing but a module in matplotlib used to easily plot graphs in a convenient way.

Importing the required libraries

Seaborn and matplotlib libraries are imported using the following code:-

import seaborn as sns
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

Both libraries are imported using aliases with the keyword ‘as’. This helps write clean and good-looking code.

Plotting a line plot

Before learning how to add a title to a line plot, I would suggest you learn how to plot a line plot using the following link:-

Line chart plotting using Seaborn in Python


Giving a title to a line plot in Seaborn

We may use the plt.title() function to give a title to a line plot. The code below demonstrates this:-

#Importing the necessary libraries

import seaborn as sns
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

#Loading the dataet
dataset = sns.load_dataset("planets")

#Plotting the line plot with x-axis as distance and y-axis as year
sns.lmplot(x="distance",y="year",data=dataset )

#Taking an input to the title of the plot
plot_title = input("Enter The Title To Your Plot : ")

#Adding the title to the plot

#Showing the plot

First, we import the libraries, seaborn and matplotlib.pyplot.

Next, the function load_dataset() loads the dataset, ‘planets’ into the variable, ‘dataset’.

Subsequently, the function lmplot() plots the line plot with the data from the dataset.

The input() function then asks for a title for the plot. The title() function then sets the title.

Finally, the show() function shows the plot.



I have set the title to ‘test’ for the sake of this example.

add title to seaborn plot in Python


In conclusion, I encourage you to explore more about seaborn and graphs in Python. For this purpose, you may refer to the links below:-

Plotting a Histogram in Python using Seaborn

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