VPS/VDS, Storage, SSL and more provided by Serverspace

In this article, I am going to introduce you to Serverspace which is a VPS/VDS, storage and SSL provider. Here I am going to tell you about the services and features of the company Serverspace.


Services and features by Serverspace

This company comes with their quality servers you. Below are some of the great services and features provided by this company:

VPS Service

VPS or virtual private server is just a virtual machine that can be sold by a service provider and let you access, manage and work with it through the internet.

The VPS service provided by Serverspace is an amazing service where you can easily host your websites and applications, develop anything for testing purpose. You can also get hosting for 1C and CRM systems, you can get remote desktop connections and even much more.

The nice thing to get a server from them is that it is a quite easy and simple process which takes only two minutes. Yes, within only two minutes you are going to get your server which will be ready to use.


Server templates

The server templates service provided by this company is quite new to many of us. Well, this feature can incredibly save your time. With this service, you can use your existing server as the prototype and can deploy a new server from it and with this process, it will be able to save your time.

So, in brief, we can say that creating server templates will help to avoid you from doing the same work twice. You will just use your server that is already set up there.


Service quality

You don’t have to worry about the quality of their service. You will get the best quality of servers or VPS/VDS or any other services from them. Quality is an important factor for any kind of service which is realized by Serverspace.


Wide range of server configuration

There is a wide range while you are going to buy your server from Serverspace. So you can choose the configuration according to your needs and budget.

For example, you can choose the server configuration, virtual machine, data center and the number of days for backup.


Affordable and flexible price for the server

Depending on your server configuration the price will vary. For example selecting the number of CPU cores, RAM, data storage, connection bandwidth will affect the pricing.

Choose only what you think you need and you will pay only for that configuration. If you need more resources, then you can add later and the price will apply for those resources. Thus, you will get their services within affordable price, but you don’t have to compromise with the quality. You will always get the best quality of their service.


Automatic backup

To protect your server from data loss, it is always important to enabling the automated backup system. During deploying a server you can choose the backup. You can select the number of days for keeping backup. Thus you will be free from any risk of data loss.


Storage memory

If you need storage memory, then you can get it from Serverspace at affordable price. You can use this memory for multiple purposes. For example, you can use it for backup, archives, for documents, to distribute static content of websites and applications, for video content, for exchanging data and documents and even much more.

The amazing thing about this storage memory is that you can manage the access and limit the storage time of the objects. You can also use it in third-party applications, Swift API and via FTP.


SSL Certificate

You may often find the green lock in the URL bar of browsers on many of the websites. This is actually the SSL certificate. You can also get SSL Certificate for your website from Serverspace.

From the green lock icon, you may guess that this is related to the security of a website. Off course, the green lock or SSL certificate can secure your website. For this, all you need to do is just to buy an SSL certificate from Serverspace. They offer SSL for a single domain, for multi-domain (WC), for all of your subdomains. They also provide the green address bar which called EV SSL.

With the SSL, you can secure the online payment system, users input data, files and much more. Also, the green lock of SSL will be able to increase users trust.


Easy to use control panel

The control panel provided by Serverspace is very easy and simple to use. Even a newbie developer can also understand the panel and easily can use their VPS from the panel. This is exactly designed for developers.

You can deploy server, create server template, get storage and so on within just a few clicks which makes it hassle free.


Easy monitoring

Often it becomes essential to monitor your server to track IP addresses, domains, email notifications and status, checking for the access from different location of the world, file types and much more. By using the monitoring system of Serverspace, you will able to monitor multiple things going on your server just from one place.


Add servers to the network

Another great feature of their service is that you can create networks and add your servers to the network easily. With this process, you can isolate your virtual infrastructure using a private or public network. The private network will give you the speed up to 10 Gbit/s and the public network will give up to 1 Gbit/s of speed.


24/7 support

A good support team is always expected for any type of service. Here, in Serverspace company, they provide a great support system. Their support team is ready to assist you 24/7 with their highly experienced in virtualized systems. They will be able to deliver the best possible performance.

If you have any problem or issue, you can contact them from your account and they will be there to help you.


I hope you have got the idea about this amazing VPS/VDS service provider company. Visit the official website of Serverspace to start with their service and to know more about it. You can contact them on their website if you have any other query.


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