Trim a string in Python

In this tutorial, I’ll explain to you how you can trim a String in Python.

String in Python:

As you already know that it’s an easy task to work with string in Python.

A string is immutable means it’s is always unchangeable and unmodifiable means we can’t change or modify a string after its declaration.

We can declare a string in Python as below:-

s="Hello World"


Hello World

To trim a String in Python:

Trimming a string means we have to remove all the white-spaces present in the string.

Suppose we have s=” Hello”  here you can see in from of Hello after double quotes we have some extra spaces so to remove this extra space we use a term called trim.

strip() in Python:

Now to trim a string in Python we can use an in-built Python function called strip() it has various other applications but we can use it to trim a string in Python.

strip() in Python returns a copy of a string with the leading and trailing characters removed if the characters are none it removed white spaces.

We use strip() function as below:-

s = "   Hello World"
print(s) #it will print Hello World including white spaces
#Now to remove white paces we'll use strip function
print(s.strip()) #it will print Hello World without white spaces


    Hello World

Hello World

For more information about strip()  refer to the documentation.

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