Running install for matplotlib … \ – Taking longer time than usual

Hello, if you have come across this post then definitely you are curious to know the facts:

  • Why your terminal is taking too much time to execute the installation and why the terminal is not responding after showing this message “Running install for matplotlib ... /“?
  • Another question might arise. Should I wait or close the terminal and give it another try.

So I am here to clear all of your doubts.

What to do after seeing this message for longer than usual “Running install for matplotlib … \”

After running this command pip3 install matplotlib  or pip install matplotlibyou may face this type of situation:

Running install for matplotlib ... \

But do not worry at this stage if it’s taking longer than usual time.

What I did was:

  • Closed the terminal just thinking that I will retry. (But still waiting time was longer)
  • Then I searched over the internet and someone suggested upgrading these: pip3 install --upgrade pip (for python3 or simply use pip instead of pip3 if you are using Python 2) and pip install --upgrade setuptools.

I suggest you do not do these as these will not harm anything but no need to do these.

You are not getting any type of error, it’s just a delay for the system configuration.

Just wait for 5 minutes hardly. It will be installed fine.

After waiting for few times I got this result:

matplotlib install on mac


I know that this answer might be weird for some people. But I thought I should share this with people like me who faced the same issue.


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