Replace A Character Of String Using PHP With Other Character

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Suppose you have a text block which represents as a string in PHP and you want to replace a particular text or character with a new character. Well, it is very easy to do it because there is an inbuilt function in PHP which can do this task.

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About str_replace() PHP function

The str_replace() function is an inbuilt function of PHP which can be used to replace some characters with some other characters in a string.

Below is a simple example of a PHP str_replace() function which replaces the text user_name into Raju:

echo str_replace("user_name","Raju","Hello user_name!");

It will show the output “Hello Raju!” instead of showing “Hello user_name!”. You can also pass the replacing character as a variable like you can see below:

$username = "Raju";
echo str_replace("user_name", $username, "Hello user_name!");

It will return the same output “Hello Raju!”.

Using str_replace() PHP function with array

Below is another example code of using the str_replace function on an array from w3schools:

$arr = array("blue","red","green","yellow");
echo "<br>" . "Replacements: $i";

It will return the output like below:

Array ( [0] => blue [1] => pink [2] => green [3] => yellow )
Replacements: 1

So you can see that str_replace also can be used in an array and it also returns an array by replacing the value.

Below are some rules of using PHP str_replace () function:

  • str_replace function in PHP is case-sensitive function.
  • If the string to be found by this function is an array, it returns an array too
  • If both the character to find and replace are arrays, and replace has fewer elements than it found, an empty string will be used as replace
  • If the string to be searched is an array, find and replace is performed with every array element
  • If it find is an array and replace is a string, the replace string will be used for every find value in the array

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