How to remove null values from a String array in Java in various ways

In this Java tutorial, I will show you how to remove null value from String array in Java easily.

In order to remove null values from a String array in Java, there are plenty of methods you can apply. I will show you how to do this with a few easy examples.

So, we need to create a String array first and add some elements to it. Remember to add one or more null values too. As our main aim is to create a Java program to remove null values from a String array.

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Remove null value from String array in Java

In the below example I will create a String array having some null values. Thereafter, I will put all the not null elements in a List. Then I will use list.toArray() method.

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import java.util.*;
  public class Myclass {
  public static void main( String[] args ) {
    String[] array_with_null = {"sometext", "", "sometext2", null, "sometext3", null};
    List<String> list_without_null = new ArrayList<String>();
    for(String new_string : array_with_null ) {
        if(new_string != null && new_string.length() > 0) {
    array_with_null = list_without_null.toArray(new String[list_without_null.size()]);

I have used both an “” – empty string element and null – element to show the difference between these two.

in Java 8 you can try these:

array_with_null =
            .filter(new_string -> (new_string != null && new_string.length() > 0))

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If you got better methods or suggestions feel free to comment in the below comment section.

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